With these FAQ we want to help you find easily and quickly the information you need to have.

  • How I become a customer of Seeweb?

    Becoming a customer of Seeweb is easy and fast: order your favorite product and register in the customer area. A few, easy steps and you will obtain your customer code and receive your startup email.

  • How I verify my order status?

    Every time you need, after the validation of your subscription you can access the section “Order in activation” and verify the activation status. If you prefer, you can contact our customer care at number +39.0775880041

  • How long does the services activation take?

    All the orders are worked quickly and activated within 24h. Colocation services could take more time, for a maximum of 5 working days.

  • How do I pay with Seeweb?

    Seeweb doesn't make you pay in advance, even in case of complex and multiple infrastructure services. Anyway, if in the registration phase you want to access faster to the services activation and not wait for the account validation, you can avoid to upload the signed contract requested and setup a Paypal payment. In this case you will setup an automatic, prepaid payment through Paypal. In all the other cases you can pay every month, after having receive our invoice notification, that will be emailed to you.

    In any case, the first invoice will be issued only after the complete service activation and can be paid by your online accounting center using various methods: Paypal, automatic prepaid Paypal, Bank transfer, Sepa/Rid, Postal Transfer.

  • What is the contract term with Seeweb?

    To offer you maximum flexibility also in the contract, all Seeweb’s solutions, even the more complex, have a monthly duration. In particular, there are also services that hasn’t a contract term since they have a fully pay-per-use approach (Cloud Server Shared CPU or CloudDB). Shared Hosting is yearly. Colocation is yearly but with a east monthly payment.

  • Can I register or transfer a domain with Seeweb?

    With Seeweb you can register and transfer all the domains you want. From the more classic extensions (.it, .com, .net, .org, .biz, .tv, .eu etc.) to the more specific (.name, .ws, .gg, .fr etc). We also provide specialized support in case you need to transfer critical domains on a technical perspective or in case some complex legal or administrative issues are in place.

  • What can I do if I need support?

    Our technical team is always (h24) at your disposal to support you for any kind of need. You just have to open a trouble ticket here to get a rapid feedback or call our number (+39.0775880041) and use your Global Assurance support level to call our experts!

  • Which type of SLA does Seeweb offer?

    Seeweb Service Level Agreement gets to 99,95% with penalty. Sewer SLA can vary depending on the solution chosen. In case the guaranteed SLA shall not be respected, the customer just has to open a ticket for obtaining the uptime report and the related reimbursement for all the contractual period (monthly or yearly) in which the outage or problem took place.

  • What kind of billing is offered?

    The billing changes depending on the solution chosen. For example, Shared Hosting and Cloud Hosting are invoiced yearly (even though Cloud Hosting can be upgraded with monthly upgrade packs). Services as Cloud Server and Foundation Server have a monthly billing and a full pay-per-use of disk, RAM, CPU. With Cloud Server Shared CPU and CloudDB we are in the field of the hourly billing.

    Solutions as Cloud Storage and CloudBackup have a minimum fixed fee and a pay-per-use, monthly billing for the extra-storage used besides the bundle included.

  • I want to migrate my services to Seeweb. What to do?

    From the most entry level product to complex and scalable architectures, Seeweb staff is always at your disposal to suggest you the best infrastructure and support you also in the migration of web, mail services and contents in general.

    For your exigencies of multi-server infrastructures or new important business projects, our specialistic presales will be happy to offer his know-how and propose you the best solution!