White Paper

Our White Papers want to help you to understand and use Seeweb Cloud solutions, also discovering the technological offstage of our customers success cases.

uploaded on 31/07/2019

Cloud vs On premise. An overview

Use cases and security of two different models of infrastructure

uploaded on 07/02/2017

Disaster Recovery vs Business Continuity: let’s clarify

How to face disaster cases and choose solutions that protect your company from data loss.

uploaded on 17/11/2016

The security of data on Seeweb cloud

The data on the Cloud: how they are managed, who can access them

uploaded on 08/09/2015

Accelerate your WordPress website with Web Accelerator

With this whitepaper you will find out how to speed your wordpress thanks to a very easy solution. Sewer’s web Accelerator.

uploaded on 15/10/2014

Easy Cloud Server performances

Even in the Cloud the type of CPU can influence performances. A comparison between servers with processors E3-1275 and E5-2620.

uploaded on 04/06/2014

SAS, SSD and XIV: a comparison

Comparative benchmarks of the storage systems more popular when it is about Cloud. Reading/writing tests and latency in the enterprise field on IBM BladeCenter HS23 clusters.

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