White Paper

Our White Papers want to help you to understand and use Seeweb Cloud solutions, also discovering the technological offstage of our customers success cases.


uploaded on 02/05/2024

Data Economics and Artificial Intelligence

Strategies to incentivize Italian AI systems and ensure the technological progress and sustainability of our ecosystem: for real technological independence, for ethical governance, for the enhancement of Italian expertise

uploaded on 14/12/2023

Disaster Recovery vs Business Continuity: let’s clarify

How to face disaster cases and choose solutions that protect your company from data loss.

uploaded on 14/12/2023

The security of data on Seeweb cloud

The data on the Cloud: how they are managed, who can access them

uploaded on 06/04/2021

The reachability of data: a legal perspective

Download the White Paper that aims to deepen the role of the USA cloud operators in Europe and how this affects data privacy risks

uploaded on 13/04/2020

Accelerate your WordPress website with Web Accelerator

With this whitepaper you will find out how to speed your wordpress thanks to a very easy solution. Sewer’s web Accelerator.

uploaded on 31/07/2019

Cloud vs On premise. An overview

Use cases and security of two different models of infrastructure