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Cloud Server

Cloud Server is a real virtual server created to offer maximum performances. Cloud Server is the ideal solution for who needs a strong and easy scalability. It offers guaranteed parameters (Memory, Cpu, Network) and is realized on multicores, N+1 redundant machines N+1 provided wit high availability SAN storage. With its 1 Gbps guaranteed bandwidth, Cloud Server is the product with the higher value of guaranteed bandwidth available.

Cloud server Main features SPU
Base configuration
Disk space
RAM memory
Dedicated processor
Every core is related to a Xeon class cpu of at least 2Ghz
Guaranteed bandwidth
Seeweb only charges for the outbound traffic besides the included bundle of 1000 GB with monthly renewal. The inbound traffic is completely free.
1Gbps 0
Total cloud server 280
IBM Spectrum Protect
Antivirus System
Firewall and antispam
The antispam service is included in the firewall cost. Seeweb antispam services is only possible in case also a firewall service is active
Options Euro
Operating system license 0.00
Plesk (control panel)
It may still be incompatible with Plesk. Contact us for info.
Additional IP addresses
The service includes a single 1 IP. Additional IP addresses can be optioned in case of a real necessity.
Total options 0.00

The cost of 100 SPU is of 11.50 €/month. The minimum bundle of additional SPU affordable is 100 and they are counted on a daily base.

Monthly Cost 0.00
Monthly Cost 0.00

Cloud Server means to have a VPS with maximum reliability and infinite scalability thanks to the real time resource distribution on redundant virtual servers.

You can choose among different servers templates on the base of the power you need. You can easily build complex and dynamic infrastructures (Web Server, DB Server, load balancer, firewall etc.). IT professionals, system integrators, companies, web agencies: Cloud Server can be used for different goals and also without specific skills.

The product can be unmanaged or fully managed by Seeweb experts.

Cloud server: what it is and why it is useful

Cloud servers offer the same functions as a physical, “traditional”, server but are open and accessible remotely. This greatly decreases the expense of a company to configure and manage a company server, without compromising the many advantages of sharing data, projects and files within a company or among different companies.

Among the advantages of choosing a cloud server instead of a traditional one, we find:

  • The extreme flexibility offered by cloud server services;
  • The possibility to host websites and apps, in addition to corporate databases;
  • The reliability of companies that deal with this sector such as Seeweb.
  • But what are cloud servers exactly?

    Cloud servers are virtualized server resources that provide remote services, including: data storage, hosting environment, computing power, network connectivity. The main feature of cloud servers vs. dedicated servers, which have to be installed and managed internally by the company, is that the former can be used by users on demand.

    In particular, Seeweb Cloud Server is a virtual server with completely dedicated CPU, RAM and storage resources, and takes advantage of the KVM virtualization technology. This means extreme flexibility for the use of the corporate cloud service, whose maintenance and management is guaranteed by an external company - in this case, Seeweb.

  • Cloud server, what it means to use these services

    The main advantages of this type of cloud server services can be summarized in the formula: reliability, scalability, accessibility. Compared to installing a complex hardware server system within the company, you can in fact:

    • Have the certainty of periodic, ordinary and extraordinary maintenance carried out by experts in the field;
    • A quick way to adapt the cloud server space to your new business needs based on the projects you are in charge of;
    • A remarkable saving both in the cloud server costs and in the resources to devote to the management of the same.
  • What are the technological features of the Cloud Server?

    The resilience and efficiency of the Seeweb Cloud Server service arise from a technological system built with the best methodologies. The enterprise-grade architecture is based on blade servers provided by the most reliable vendors in the field.

    The distributed and redundant SAN storage allows our cloud server to always obtain maximum performances. Latest generation CPU, guaranteed 1 Gbps and the intrinsic redundancy of the system further strengthen its architecture. Here’s another advantage of relying on the cloud server: the power of the system is guaranteed and ensured by an external company, in this case Seeweb, whose cloud based server is one of the main products and therefore is managed with the utmost attention.

  • Which IT projects are cloud servers suitable for?

    Flexibility and scalability are the peculiarities of cloud server services, considering the possibility of adding or modifying resources and adapting them to each evolution of your digital project. For this reason, whenever you need high power but also real-time adaptation to new workloads, you can choose a cloud server.

    Seeweb Cloud Server is suitable for multiple applications: websites, e-commerce, blog, management, mail servers, development environments, database, backup. In fact, it provides very high performance infrastructures thanks to the highly reliable node (IP Failover). It is one of the main and most popular cloud server services in Italy.

  • Cloud server vs. dedicated server: what are the differences?

    A cloud server is a virtualized server that provides an infrastructure to work on remotely. The user (and consequently the company) does not own any physical machine: charges such as management, maintenance and hardware upgrade are the prerogative of the provider that provides cloud storage server services. With a cloud server you get greater advantages in terms of flexibility and scalability of the resources, precisely because the company server is not managed internally.

    The main difference between cloud server vs. dedicated server is that the latter is a physical machine entirely dedicated to the user. The company will build the IT infrastructure and install operating systems and environments, with great expenditure of costs and resources. In fact, in this case, in addition to higher costs due to the purchase/rental of the machine, maintenance costs are added. This is an investment that - overall - is generally higher than a cloud server.

  • Cloud server: costs

    The cloud server cost in Seeweb is on consumption. In fact, the contract is monthly, with pricing for the basic resources chosen by the customer. Our management system therefore allows you to create cloud servers of the needed space, without paying hidden costs or unused spaces. Here’s another reason to choose cloud server vs. dedicated server, which should be purchased in toto with the additional management and maintenance costs.

    Upgrades in Seeweb are managed as follows: all the resources related to computing power (CPU, RAM, storage, network resources) are billed at the end of the month based on hourly use and associated with the “SPU” (Seeweb Power Unit). 100 SPUs are equivalent to the cost of 11.50 € per month. Even the traffic is on consumption: if the threshold of the TB included is exceeded, each additional TB will cost 11.50 €. It is thus clear why a corporate cloud server is a great asset to your company and your business. You can use all the cloud space you need without worrying about unused spaces and additional costs: your company pays for what it consumes.

  • What is the level of security guaranteed by a cloud server?

    The level of resource isolation is one of the primary aspects that determines the security of the cloud storage server. Data security is guaranteed by a highly reliable backup system based on IBM Spectrum Protect and that provides complete data resilience: the execution of backups can be personalized and adapted to the needs of each IT project.

    In addition to updates and security patches, the architectural functionality is kept under control by constant surveillance and monitoring activities of the h24 active data centers and by a free anti-Ddos protection system included in all Seeweb infrastructures, including those for the corporate cloud server.

  • If I purchase a Cloud Server, then can I change the configuration if necessary?

    Of course. With Seeweb Cloud Server any type of IT project has no growth limits or rigid computational settings thanks to both vertical scalability - with which CPU, RAM and storage resources can be added - and horizontal scalability - which allows you to create complex architectures by building more cloud server infrastructures.

  • Who can I contact to customize and configure the most suitable cloud server solution for my project?

    Our team of specialists is always available to listen to your needs and to study together the corporate cloud server that best suits your needs. Through ad-hoc consulting and on the basis of details such as the application you use, the objectives you want to achieve and the SLA you are looking for, our cloud server architect and pre-sales engineers can support you in configuring the perfect cloud server for you.