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Cloud Server High Memory

Do you need fast performances for your cloud workloads?
With Cloud Server High Memory you can manage projects, caching systems and databases that process large data volumes in memory.
Get the power of our cloud servers on demand and choose the RAM option that better fits your requirements.
Horizontally scalable and available with more configurations, CS High Memory is ideal for obtaining maximum performances for all your memory-intensive workloads.

Main features ECS1HM ECS2HM ECS3HM
RAM 64GB 128GB 256GB
CPU Core 4 8 16
Disk space (SSD) 200 GB 400 GB 800 GB
Included Traffic 1 TB 1 TB 1 TB
Cost/Hour 0.190 € 0.380 € 0.630 €
Monthly Cost 137.00 € 274.00 € 454.00 €

All prices exclude VAT

High Memory cloud instances optimize the balance between RAM and storage and are ideal for serving infrastructures based on MongoDB, MySQL in-memory, SAP HANA, Elasticsearch.

You can activate our memory intensive cloud autonomously from your account and use it for running large databases reducing investment and improving performances for all the projects that process large data sets in memory.

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RAM CPU Core Disk space (SSD) Included Traffic Cost/Hour Monthly Cost
ECS1HM 64GB 4 200GB 1 TB 0.190€ 137.00€
ECS2HM 128GB 8 400GB 1 TB 0.380€ 274.00€
ECS3HM 256GB 16 800GB 1 TB 0.630€ 454.00€
ECS4HM 512GB 32 1500GB 1 TB 1.170€ 842.00€