Cloud DB

Cloud DB is a MySQL database as a service. Fully scalable,it can be geographically replicated through its easy Live Replication system, fully via web.

Main features
Database space
Values subject to rounding.
10GB 20GB 40GB
Every core is related to a Xeon cpu of minimum 2,2Ghz.
1 2 4
Ram 1 2 4
IPv4 addresses (IPv6) 1(/64) 1(/64) 1(/64)
IP bandwidth available 100Mbps 100Mbps 100Mbps
Traffic included 1TB 1TB 1TB
Data center
Hourly price 0.018 € 0.030 € 0.060 €
Monthly Cost 13.00 € 21.50 € 43.00 €

All prices exclude VAT




The Live Replication system allows to scale your database horizontally while the infrastructure is working. With this system you can add or remove new resources or obtain an instant copy of your DBMS.

Using Cloud DB doesn’t require any advanced system skill. You just need to choose from the panel how to distribute the nodes of the system among our data centers of Milan and Frosinone.