Backup Recovery Test

Nowadays, backup and disaster recovery are essential strategies to protect company data, especially when it comes to sensitive or critical information. But does the backup alone guarantee the recovery of all essential data and their integrity? Sometimes, problematic situations arise where backup operations cannot be completed effectively.

For this reason, it is fundamental to carry out specific backup recovery tests.

SERVER LINUX Linux test server creation, restore, verification. Report delivery 412.00 €
SERVER WINDOWS Windows test server creation, restore, verification. Report delivery 825.00 €
COMPLEX INFRASTRUCTURES Multiple test infrastructure installation, restore, verification. Report delivery Custom prices

What is a backup recovery test

The backup recovery test allows you to test the effectiveness of the data restore procedure. While the backup is solid and reliable in most cases, data recovery can sometimes come with surprises.
This can happen for several reasons, such as:

  • Unforeseen events;
  • Human errors or errors in the design of the backup;
  • Installation of software that can compromise the restore procedure;
  • Changes to the infrastructure;
  • Network problems.

Considering the wide range of variables that can influence the success of the restore procedure and application or information integrity, the need to carry out a periodic data recovery test is evident, to avoid incurring unpleasant surprises, especially in the case of companies that manage critical data.

Why you should test your backup

The backup service provided by Seeweb, namely IBM Spectrum Protect, is remote (disaster recovery) and allows you to recover saved data up to 60 days from deletion, reducing compliance costs and ensuring greater protection. It is a complete solution that incrementally copies all file system data. Although the backup offered is solid and reliable, as already mentioned, there are situations in which the restore procedure does not ensure complete data recovery. It is precisely here that it is necessary to carry out an accurate test in order to simulate risky or emergency situations.

Performing the backup recovery test allows you to identify problems in the software or criticalities in the processes that could alter the optimal outcome of the restore procedure.

Without regular testing, you cannot know if the backup will be completed effectively as a result of emergency situations. The backup recovery test is therefore essential to avoid a large loss of data, with significantly impacting consequences on the company. It is possible to guarantee complete protection only with accurate and periodic tests, thus strengthening the solidity and safety of the business. In addition, it is essential to repeat these tests whenever changes or updates are made to the hardware, firmware and software.

How does the data recovery test work?

Backup testing demands for the creation of a new server (or more servers) located in a Data Center “opposite” to the place where the production infrastructure is running. On the “new” server, a total restore will be executed. Together with the customer, we will verify if all data and applications have been correctly restored. Then, we will deliver a report detailing the work done, the time taken for the server to be restored, the list of eventual issues and how to fix them.