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Cloud Data Protection

Cloud Data Protection is our system of data protection based on Veeam to realize solutions of backup and Disaster Recovery.

You do not need specific skills for using Cloud Data Protection and start an easy backup of your VMware infrastructure, whether it is on premise, in cloud or located in other infrastructures.

Improve and facilitate your platform Business Continuity thanks to this effective system of Disaster Recovery!

Cloud Data Protection Main features Euro
Number of virtual servers to protect
Datastore Storage

Monthly Cost
Monthly Cost

Cloud Data Protection cost depends on the number of VMs to protect and on the storage space necessary for the archiviation.

The storage volume also depends on the policies of retention of the data you chose.

Once purchased, Veeam can be activated from an easy menu that enables to add the Service Provider (in this case, Seeweb) to your backup private infrastructure.

Once accessed the system with the data provided thorugh the activation email, your Veeam backup will start storing data in a safe way, via an SSL/TLS connection.

Use cases of Cloud Data Protection

Cloud Data Protection is ideal to protect infrastructures of different types: Virtual Private Cloud, dedicated servers, on premises servers.

You can therefore use it for your private cloud architecture or for Seeweb Virtual Private Cloud.

It is also ideal for realizing disaster recovery between your VMware on premises infrastructure and VPC.