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Virtual Private Cloud

Private Cloud allows you create your ideal cloud environment with the level of autonomy you wish. With Virtual Private Cloud you get a virtual data center environment and install as many virtual machines as you like with the support of Proxmox VE Standard or VMware Cloud Foundation.

Seeweb Virtual Private Cloud is perfect if you need advanced data center services and great control over operations. With the benefits of an high level of isolation of resources and the flexibilty of cloud.

Virtual Private Cloud Main features Euro
Virtualization platform
Hypervisor Proxmox VE Standard cost for the infrastructur
Network and security
Host Euro
Number of Hosts
Datastore Storage
Options Euro

VAT excluded prices

The cost actually billed will depend on the days of use of the VPC during the month (pay-per-use billing)
Monthly Cost 0.00
Monthly Cost 0.00

Our solution of private cloud computing is based on a fully dedicated hardware. Compliant with the most important standards like the ISO27001 certification, it guarantees a total adherence to the GDPR compliant codes of conducts (CISPE).

It is the ideal solution for Public Administrations, resellers, companies. Allows to create virtual machines and additional capacity managing the virtualization through Proxmox VE Standard or taking advantage of the flexibility of VMware Cloud Foundation.

Any plan can be activated quickly and combined with different levels of management (Basic or Global Support).

Show options and licenses
Options of configuration and protection of the VMs executed in the virtual private cloud
Licenses that can be purchased per every server or group of servers of the VPC infrastructure
Monthly cost
Windows Server Standard license
In case of more than 8 licenses, we suggest the Windows Server Datacenter edition
58.50 €
Windows Server Datacenter license
License cost for single host
401.00 €
SQL Server Standard license 443.00 €
CloudLinux license 15.00 €
RedHat Enterprise Linux license 30.00 €
Antivirus 23.00 €
WAF 45.50 €
VM Data Backup on VPC Proxmox VE Standard (Cloud Backup)
Every additional 100 Gb. Basic price of 23.00 €
23.00 € every 100GB
VM Data Backup on VPC VMware Cloud Foundation (Cloud Data Protection) 23.00 € every TB

Choose the quantity of RAM and storage depending on your needs and select the data center you prefer. You can add further hosts anytime you want for increasing your resources.

Order our service online or ask our experts for advice! You can contact us via live chat or calling the number +39 0775 880041