Cloud Hosting

Every project needs its cloud. Seeweb provides a wide range of cloud hosting services, all strongly focused on flexibility and performances. For supporting your business in a easy, clear and advantageous way.

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A wide range of cloud hosting solutions tailored to your needs:

Cloud Server

Cloud Server is a public cloud solution in which functionality, power and scalability are melted in a single product. Based on an enterprise level architecture, Cloud Server is the best solution for big projects and production environments. Cloud Server cores, RAM and CPU can be easily scaled up or down as needed, allowing you to pay for the resources you are actually using.

Easy Cloud Server

A smart solution to create your servers in a easy way. With its pay as you go model, Easy Cloud Server allows you to use your virtual instances also for a few hours. A cloud solution that suits your needs of testing your best projects and developing without limits.

Foundation Server

A solid solution, standing for the best evolution of the classic dedicated server. With its enterprise level hardware features, Foundation Server is perfect for realizing Private Cloud Hosting clusters, but also for installing a normal operating system, making the most of all its resources.