Server Antivirus

In scenarios that see ever-increasing volumes of more and more dangerous online threats, protecting servers and cloud infrastructures based on Windows is fundamental for the security of your company data.
To be provided with a solution of malware protection allows you to enhance your remediation capacity and your business continuity. With our VirIT Server Antivirus you make your company more efficient, protecting it against spyware, cryptolocker, ransomware and multiple types of cyber risks.

Antivirus Main features
Supported products Cloud Server,
Cloud Server Shared CPU,
Foundation Server Smart,
Foundation Server Pro

Operating Systems Windows
Intrusion Detection
Ransomware protection
Cryptolocker protection
Spyware protection
Web Filter Protection
Security Monitor

Monthly Cost 21,30
Monthly Cost 21,30

With the advantage of our full management, the software VirIT Server Antivirus is based on is completely developed in Italy and certified by the most important international organizations like ICSAlabs, vb100, Clusit. These features make it particularly suitable to be used for companies' servers and businesses located in Italy and looking for the maximum transparency in the management of the cybersecurity aspects.

Endpoint security for Windows servers

Available on more Seeweb products with monthly billing, our antivirus and anti malware solution protects all operating systems based on Windows.
You will be constantly able to view the antivirus status from your dashboard and, at the same time, take advantage of our full management.