Web Application Firewall

The digital transformation involving every sector is the key for a solid development of your projects. Investing on the web means optimizing your processes and accelerating your activities but also means an attacker can operate on a wider action field, in which the presence of vulnerabilities can impact your business continuity.
With the Web Application Firewall or WAF made by our experts, you benefit from an advanced firewall able to protect your web applications.

Web Application Firewall configurations
Main features
SSL termination
Customizable rules
Seeweb only charges for the outbound traffic besides the included bundle of 1000 GB with monthly renewal. The inbound traffic is completely free.
Number of websites Unlimited
Load Balancer
Integration with Web Accelerator optional
HA redundancy optional
Monthly Cost 45.50 €

Applicable to any IT project, WAF defends you against vulnerabilities at a very competitive price.

Intercepting and analyzing every single HTTP request, WAF is ideal for high levels of security and for defending against known and not known vulnerabilities, like those called "zero-day".
An interesting aspect of this solution is its flexibility and its capacity to protect vulnerable IT infrastructures and projects even when there was no time to intervene for installing patches. This security measure is known as “virtual patching” or “vulnerability shielding”.

What and how does WAF protect?

Analyzing all the HTTP traffic, both incoming and outgoing, WAF protects web applications like websites or API servers, namely resources that can be compromised because they are potentially vulnerable to publicly known and not known attacks.

How it works?

WAF operates in a single-tenant mode. It must be activated on one or more servers that offer web services for a single customer.
A single WAF can be effective in case of more websites that are made with the same technology or CMS.
If the goal is to protect more high traffic websites, our experts will help you plan the best defence strategy with powerful and solid custom solutions.