Cloud Server GPU

Accelerate your artificial intelligence workloads and complete your activities of machine learning reducing time and investment. Solve complex calculations and manage massive parallel tasks with our powerful, optimized and ready-to-use GPU servers. Our GPU cloud is ideal for taking the maximum advantage from AI, deep learning, big data, computer vision.

CPU 8 Core
Disk 500GB
Bandwidth 1 Gbps
Traffic 1TB
CUDA Cores (parallel tasks) 4,608
Tensor Cores (Machine and Deep Learning) 576
RT Core (Ray Tracing) 72
GPU Memory 24GB
Ray Cast 10GB/Ray/Sec
FP32 Performance 16.3 TFLOPS
Hourly Cost 0,60 €
Monthly Cost 429,50 €

All products are realized so to maximize quality and the price/performance balance.

For our GPUs we have chosen Nvidia Quadro RTX 6000, so as to guarantee the maximum power at the most competitive cost.

Take advantage of a ready to be used environment in which our engineers have configured drivers and systems for you.

With 24GB RAM and more than 4.000 CUDA, RT and Tensor cores available, our GPU computing service has been conceived for providing the highest accessibility, thanks to system and drivers already installed by our engineers.

Speed up your large calculations and take advantage of Seeweb technology in the industry of gaming development or in the financial, medical, scientific and artistic sector.

Activate your Seeweb GPU instances or request our support for an analysis of your needs!