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Cloud Object Storage

Store and archive as many files and media as you want with Cloud Object Storage easy and secure, this service allows you to see your contents as they were stored in a virtual disk connected to your server."

Cloud Object Storage Main features SPU
Included space 100GB 100
Traffic included 1000GB -
Included accesses 100.000 readings/writings -
Exceeding space every 100GB not splittable 100
Exceeding traffic every 1000GB not splittable 100
Exceeding accesses every 10'000'000 not splittable 100
IPv4 and IPv6 dedicated network -
Highly-performing storage -
Guaranteed UpTime (with penalty) 99.90% -
Total SPU 100

All products are realized so to maximize quality and the price/performance balance.

Monthly Cost 10,65 €

The contents stored in the Cloud Object Storage can be both public (accessible from anywhere through a web browser) and private (accessible only with the access data). Cloud Storage maintains two copies of each file, so you can reach the highest levels of reliability and integrity. Unlike physical storage solutions, with Cloud Object storage you can retrieve your data in a safe way, from anywhere.

Show storage calculator
Cloud Object Storage
Storage space
It is the maximum space occupied during the solar month and referred to a replication mechanism in two copies on different data centers (that of the base product).
Traffic volume
It is the total traffic developed in the month to and from the storage system in terms of transferred GBytes.
Internal traffic to the Seeweb network is not charged regardless of the datacenter of origin
Number of reading/writing accesses
It is the number of accesses made on the read and write storage (GET, PUT, COPY, POST, LIST), not considering the size of the manipulated objects.

This calculator allows you to get an idea of the costs depending on the possible volumes of use.

Monthly cost 0.00