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Cloud Object Storage

Store and archive as many files and media as you want with Cloud Object Storage easy and secure, this service allows you to see your contents as they were stored in a virtual disk connected to your server."

Main features
Included space
Up to 1 TB of occupied space
1000 GB
Traffic included
Up to 1 TB of outbound traffic included
1000 GB
Extra space
Metered storage space in 1 TB volumes
27.00 € every 1000 GB not splittable
Extra traffic
Metered traffic in 1 TB volumes
11.50 € every 1000 GB not splittable
IPv4 and IPv6 dedicated network
Highly-performing storage
Guaranteed UpTime (with penalty) 99.90%
Monthly cost
Up to 1 TB of occupied space and 1 TB of outbound traffic
27.00 €

All products are realized so to maximize quality and the price/performance balance.

The contents stored in Cloud Object Storage can be both public (access from everywhere via browser) and private (only through the access data at your disposal).
The cloud storage service provided by Seeweb reaches high levels of reliability and integrity: even in case of an eventual malfunctioning of the half of the infrastructure, the extreme redundancy allows it to guarantee business continuity.
Differently from an on premise storage solution, Cloud Object Storage always protects your files, everywhere.

The Storage Calculator allows you to get an idea of the costs depending on the possible volumes of use.

Show the Storage Calculator
Pay-Per-Use Costs
Used storage space
It is the maximum storage space used during the solar month.
Developed traffic volume
It is the total traffic developed in the month to and from the storage system in terms of transferred GBytes.
Internal traffic to the Seeweb network is not charged regardless of the datacenter of origin.
Monthly cost 0.00

Cloud Storage Server: what is it?

It is the place where files and documents are stored. These will be located in special archives (duplicated on a disaster recovery location for increasing security), managed by our customers as if they were folders on a virtual disk.
With Seeweb, you will have the ability to manage large amounts of data in a scalable way, by paying only for the space actually used to store your documents.
All this, without sacrificing the security and protection levels of your files, or the cloud performance.

  • Why is it so important?

    It is an indispensable resource for anyone who works on the Net. Large and medium-sized companies, but also small businesses and freelancers, need to keep their data on Cloud servers, in order to have a "dislocated" copy of the same.

    A list of information and data that must often be secured:

    • documents, contracts and other archiving files;
    • media files such as images and videos;
    • software dedicated to a particular project;
    • websites that have gone offline temporarily or permanently;
    • archives of collections, products or services no longer present in the catalog;
    • systems relating to one or more parts of the production chain;
    • sensitive data of employees, current or potential customers, etc.

    How can you keep all the material, without clogging up the systems on which the company Staff works every day?
    It is possible with a Cloud Storage Server system..

    Seeweb's cloud storage server can be used as a real file system, compatible with both Linux and Windows.
    Distributed on safe and secure Italian server farms. The required storage space will automatically adjust to new needs.

  • The characteristics of the Seeweb cloud storage server software

    Cloud Object Storage is the name of storage as a service (STaaS), brought to Italy by our Company, which allows large and small businesses to work and store their work in Cloud; it offers duplication of files and documents (they can be copied up to 5 times) not to lose any data.
    The data is stored in the form of indexable objects, to make their finding and use quick and easy.

    The service can be used by exploiting all the existing plugins for the most used CMSs, which use the S3 API.
    The security level is very high and protects you from external attacks. Cloud storage backup server renews periodically to save all your files.

  • Cloud storage backup server: how to save your data

    The security of storing your data and your files in Cloud, is given by the duplication of the same on multiple servers (from two to five, depending on the storage system you choose): Geographically distributed, our solution can withstand the failure of an entire Data Center with continuity of service. Thus, in the event of accidents, the files entrusted to the Cloud Object Storage cannot be lost.

    The backup takes place automatically and periodically with the preferred frequency.
    Assistance is always available, 24 hours a day.

  • Seeweb Cloud Distributed Object Storage: Why is it different from other systems?

    The Seeweb Object Storage helps you keep your files on media physically distant from you and use them as if they were in a folder on a virtual disk. Exactly as if you had them on your PC desktop.
    Powerful enough to revolutionize the way you use digital for your work, every day.
    All existing CMS (Content Management System) plugins can be used with our Cloud storage effortlessly.
    It is also possible to use the Cloud Storage Server as a file system and then mounting it within an operating system, Linux or Windows.

    Every activity you carry out on your device, can be stored safely and efficiently in the cloud.
    Can you imagine how safe the files stored in such a powerful virtual place are?

  • How to choose your Cloud Storage Server Provider

    The Cloud provider will give you the cyber and physical protection of the servers, and he will assist you in the installation of the chosen package by guiding you in its use.

    Choosing Seeweb as a cloud service provider means having the great experience and reliability of our engineers and the continuous availability of the assistance service at your disposal. Putting all your work in someone else's hands is never easy. Let us reassure you that your data is fully protected, wherever you are. Our complex data protection system allows us to recover files anytime and anywhere.

    The Cloud Storage Server package starts at € 27.00 and includes:

    • 1000 GB of space;
    • 1000 GB of outbound traffic (inbound traffic is always free);
    • 100.000 read and write accesses.

    Every additional 1000 GB will only be added to your subscription if you use them.
    An uptime of 99.90% will guarantee you speed and efficiency during any operation.

  • Assistance and safety are always available

    All the critical elements of the Seeweb Network are redundant, and the routers are all duplicated and reachable through two paths. This ensures an efficient service and is as much protected as possible from external attacks. Even if unpleasant situations arise, we are always ready to help.

    Contact our cloud experts and find out which service is right for your needs!