Cloud Appliance

Perfect your cloud infrastructures with our appliances, choosing the best for you. Security, better performances, high availability and protection against dDos attacks.

Seeweb Cloud Appliance VPN logo

Appliance VPN

It allows to create safe connections between your private and mobile networks and our cloud infrastructures. It also offer services of firewall with the possibility of modifying rules without limits.

Cloud Appliance Web Accelerator Seeweb logo

Web Accelerator

Caching system that improves the performances of your website or webapp, easing connection times and content downloads, also customizing the cache duration.

Cloud Appliance IP Failover Seeweb logo

IP Failover

It allows to switch an IP address from a server to another in a few seconds. You can create geographic clusters and use the IP Failover services between the two data centers in an anycast modality.

Cloud Appliance Load Balancer Seeweb logo

Load Balancer

It is ideal to handle cases of high traffic with efficiency and optimization. Load Balancer allows indeed to distribute the request towards more servers, also in diverse data centers.

Cloud Appliance Web Application Firewall Seeweb logo

Web Application Firewall

It gives you a 7 level application firewall and protects your web application intercepting the single HTTP requests. It is ideal for high levels of security and to fight against known vulnerabilities.

Cloud Appliance dDoS mitigation Seeweb

dDoS mitigation

It is the state-of-the-art for dozen Gbps attacks without penalizing web services functionality. In its advanced version, it allow the total protection of generic services and not only of http/https.

Cloud Appliance Website Security Plus Seeweb logo

Website Security Plus

Website Security Plus è la soluzione anti-malware per il tuo sito web. Una scansione antivirus online che offre molti strati di protezione garantendo velocità e prestazioni senza compromessi: nessun impatto sulle performance e nessun software da installare


Notes on services

All appliances and DDoS mitigation services can be contracted monthly and do not need customer’s operations. They can all integrate your cloud infrastructures with the goal of the maximum flexibility.