Web Accelerator

Through Web Accelerator you can improve performances of a website and a web application. Its main goal is to optimize and speed the access to websites, guaranteeing traffic scalability in a not invasive way and reducing requests to web server.

Cloud Web Accelerator configuration
Appliance Cloud Web Accelerator
Main features
Guaranteed Throughput 1000 Mbps
Load Balancer
Load Balancer algorithm Round Robin / Hash
Session control Source IP / Cookie
Mobile browser detection
High-performance SSL termination
Guaranteed Uptime 99,90%
Monthly Cost 45.50 €

All products are realized so to maximize quality and the price/performance balance.

With Web Accelerator you can create the caching of the requests on the static contents and divide the workload thanks to a well balanced forward of the calls coming from Internet to a series of servers.

Contact us for planning and creating complex architectures based on more servers (frontend/backend, cluster, load balancing). We will develop together the right solution for your business.