Quick Security Assessment

The technological innovations, the rhythms of the Digital Transformation, the increasing spread of smart working and the use of cyber attacks to support geo-political and commercial strategies every day intensify those cyber risks capable of affecting the balance of your company and the integrity of your strategic data.

Testing the degree of vulnerability of your IT systems allows you to secure applications and IT architectures, reducing the cyber risk and preserving your Business Continuity.

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Analysis on the basic project 309.00 €
Report production 63.50 €
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Analysis on the advanced project To be evaluated
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With Quick Security Assessment (QSA) we analyze and evaluate the cyber security status of your architecture and the server that hosts it, in order to identify vulnerabilities that can be exploited remotely. The service allows you to identify a list of potential attack vectors and analyze the weakest infrastructure levels that need enhancements in terms of security. An accurate report will highlight the scenario identified by the cyber security assessment and will allow us to take the necessary measures to make the systems protected.

How we analyze cyber risk

Our security experts analyze the level of protection of your application using enumeration techniques and active and passive testing and exploiting open source intelligence mechanisms: thus, after having collected all the necessary information, it will be possible to carry out the QSA and the Quick Penetration Test.

During the phases of testing the web security level of your IT project, we will list which services are accepting requests from the outside and which vulnerabilities and incorrect configurations are endangering the integrity of your systems, exposing them to attackers ready to compromise your infrastructure, confidentiality, integrity or availability of data.

Our consulting service is ideal for any type of application or API server, and its cost is assessed according to the complexity of the IT infrastructure that you want to analyze and secure.

The ideal is to repeat the IT risk analysis test with a linear frequency based on the criticality of the IT project and following an update or new implementations.