Cloud Appliance VPN

Cloud Appliance VPN allows you to create secure connections between your private and mobile networks and our cloud infrastructures. Based on the most refined encryption algorithms encoding the stream of data and guaranteeing authenticity, integrity and confidentiality, our dedicated virtual firewall is a managed, HA service, fully dedicated to you.

Cloud Appliance VPN Configuration
Appliance VPN / Firewall
Main features
Guaranteed No Crypt Throughput 1 Gbps
Guaranteed IPsec Throughput 100 Mbps
IPsec tunnel (site-to-cloud)
Mobile VPN (Road Warriors, mobile-to-cloud)
Firewall rules and policies that can be customized
Remote management via web
HA configuration option
Recommended for high-traffic infrastructures
Guaranteed Uptime 99,90%
Monthly Cost 42,55

All products are realized so to maximize quality and the price/performance balance.

Cloud Appliance VPN allows you an easy access to your company resources on the cloud even in mobility, so that network administrators can operate without giving up control. Fully managed by Seeweb team, it allows you also to configure your firewall or NAT and set up your VPN autonomously. Highly performing, it is available also with HA configuration: you can activate a copy of your dedicated virtual firewall on a independent virtualization infrastructure for improving systems availability even more.