Cloud Appliance VPN

Cloud Appliance VPN allows you to create secure connections between your private and mobile networks and our cloud infrastructures. Based on the most refined encryption algorithms encoding the stream of data and guaranteeing authenticity, integrity and confidentiality, our dedicated virtual firewall is a managed, HA service, fully dedicated to you. Available with two different technologies: OPNsense and Fortinet FortiGate.

Cloud Appliance VPN Configuration
Hardware Configuration
HA configuration
Recommended for high-traffic infrastructures
Appliance VPN / Firewall
Main features
No Crypt Guaranteed Throughput 1 Gbps
IPsec site-to-cloud (Guaranteed Throughput) 100 Mbps
Mobile VPN (Road Warriors, mobile-to-cloud)
Open VPN
Customizable firewall rules and user policies
Remote management via web
Guaranteed Uptime 99,90%
Monthly Cost 45.50

All products are realized so to maximize quality and the price/performance balance.

Cloud Appliance VPN allows you easy access to your company resources on the cloud even in mobility, so that network administrators can operate without giving up control.

Fully managed by the Seeweb team, it also allows you to configure your firewall or NAT and set up your VPN autonomously.

Highly performing, it is available also with HA configuration: you can activate a copy of your dedicated virtual firewall on an independent virtualization infrastructure for improving systems availability even more.

  • Cloud Appliance VPN: what it is

    A VPN appliance is a dedicated firewall characterized by specific security features. Scalable and highly flexible, it allows to exchange data in a safe way across workstations and environments that communicate using a non secure channel as the Internet or any type of cloud infrastructure can be. Together with its function of an advanced firewall, Cloud Appliance VPN offers cryptography, authentication and access only for authorized users.

  • How does Cloud Appliance VPN work?

    Cloud Appliance VPN establishes a virtual private network with the remote systems, encrypting the stream of data passing from the same VPN into the above said systems. The encryption is possible using cryptography algorithms (for example, 3DES / AES / CAST128 / BLOWFISH) protecting the communication and guaranteeing authenticity, integrity and confidentiality. In this way, the remote users can access the company networks safely, with the possibility of a high policy customization.

  • To which services Cloud Appliance VPN can be integrated?

    If you are using Seeweb cloud computing or dedicated services or if you are co-locating your servers in our Data Centers, our dedicated firewall can protect them against cyber attacks and security threats. Depending on your needs, you can choose an OPNsense or a Fortinet FortiGate appliance.

  • What are the differences between VPN OPNsense and Fortinet FortiGate?

    Cloud Appliance OPNsense is an open source firewall and allows a flexible, customizable security. The Operating System used is FreeBSD. VPN Appliance Fortinet FortiGate is instead a Next Generation Firewall (NGFW) offering particularly high performances. Fortinet FortiGate offers a multi-level security and, at the same time, strongly reduces complexity because it is projected for a very intuitive management. Highly suggested for enterprise architectures and already includes data backup.
  • How does the Seeweb advanced firewall billing work?

    Cloud Appliance OPNsense provides for a monthly billing of the three possible configurations (1 Cores and 1 GB RAM, 2 Cores and 2 GB RAM, 4 Cores and 4 GB RAM). The Fortinet FortiGate option includes the related license cost, adding it to the three plans price.

  • When to activate the High Availability option on the dedicated firewall?

    To choose the High Availability option means not to have a single point of failure and therefore to take advantage of an advanced, fully redundant firewall. This makes it possible that not only in case of technical or network issues but also in case of update and maintenance activities, the server firewall service will continue to serve the infrastructures with no interruption.

  • How to choose and configure a Cloud Appliance VPN at its best?

    Choosing the best advanced firewall is fundamental for the security of your infrastructures and of your business. If you want useful advice to decide which kind of dedicated VPN you need, and if your project requires an open source based VPN or a NGFW like Fortinet, contact our engineers!