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Cloud MQTT

Are you looking for a cloud based MQTT platform for connecting your devices easily? Cloud MQTT allows you to establish a communication between things taking advantage of the most used protocol in IoT. With Seeweb infrastructure performance and reliability.

Features Cloud MQTT Basic Cloud MQTT Mid Cloud MQTT Big
Infrastructure Multi-tenant Multi-tenant Single-tenant
Devices number
You can expand the BIG instance depending on your needs. Contact us for more information.
Up to 500 Up to 2000 Up to 15000
REQ/s 300 1000 10000
Retention time User defined User defined User defined
Every plan includes 10GB of storage. Using additional blocks of 100GB will cost 20,00€/month (elastic upgrade)
10GB 10GB 10GB
SLA 99,9% 99,9% 99,9%
Domain customization
Protect your custom domain with a dedicated SSL digital certificate!
Yes Yes Yes
Support level
Monthly Cost 49.00 € 89.00 € 360.00 €

Create your Cloud MQTT account. Manage and control your devices from your complete and intuitive IoT dashboard.

In a very intuitive way, manage your IoT devices through your account with the possibility of activating Prometheus for managing your metrics.
Choose among three different communication methods: the classic MQTT broker, MQTTS and MQTTover WS for communicating via web socket.
The service is provided by Kubernetes clusters and:

  • • includes a first level of support (Prestige) guaranteeing the h24 monitoring of the service availability and technical assistance via trouble ticket
  • • options a direct call support service (Global).