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Easy Cloud Server is the virtual computing environment from which you can configure your cloud instances and pay on demand. Activate your account for free and start creating one or more virtual machines choosing the Operating System and the resources you need. The flexible, performing Easy Cloud environment is isolated, horizontally scalable and available across more regions.

Main features ECS1 ECS2 ECS3
CPU Core 1 2 4
Disk space (SSD) 20 GB 40 GB 80 GB
Included Traffic 1 TB 1 TB 1 TB
Cost/Hour 0.017 € 0.028 € 0.042 €
Monthly Cost 12.00 € 20.00 € 30.00 €

All prices exclude VAT

It is very easy to create and destroy server images with Easy Cloud Server. And pay just for the real usage.

Using Easy Cloud, you can access to a smart control panel and choose your favourite service plan among the various images available. Contact us for further information.

Show all Linux plans
RAM CPU Core Disk space (SSD) Included Traffic Cost/Hour Monthly Cost
ECS1 1GB 1 20GB 1 TB 0.017€ 12.00€
ECS2 2GB 2 40GB 1 TB 0.028€ 20.00€
ECS3 4GB 4 80GB 1 TB 0.042€ 30.00€
ECS4 8GB 4 160GB 1 TB 0.055€ 40.00€
ECS5 16GB 8 320GB 1 TB 0.111€ 80.00€
ECS6 24GB 12 400GB 1 TB 0.133€ 96.00€