Foundation Server Smart

A reliable and powerful dedicated server with Intel E3 processors and redundant local storage. It provides you with a full root-access control and a wide range of operating systems and storage options.

This service proposed by Seeweb is ideal for professionals who need a high performing private space. Here the website can be fully managed by the customer or maintained by the Provider. When you activate a Dedicated Server, redundant architecture means having to share the space with someone else (shared hosting). Foundation Server Smart, on the other hand, is a Dedicated Server, with the possibility of connecting multiple servers to the same disk system. This means greater security for your Data and an always-on backup system.

In particular, Foundation Server Smart is a Dedicated Server with 32 GB of RAM memory, SATA or SSDs disks local to the server in RAID 1 configuration, 1 Gbps of guaranteed bandwidth, IPv4 or IPv6 dedicated IP address, and the possibility to request additional IP addresses.

Integrating the solution with VPN or firewall services and backups will make the environment protected and suited to your privacy requirements.

Together with the great flexibility of choice of Operating Systems and disk types, Seeweb offers in this service an uptime of 99.9% guaranteed by SLA and server management at different levels (completely delegated to the provider, completely autonomous or mixed).

Foundation server Main features SPU
Base configuration
Controller RAID LSI Controller 2308-L8i 200
Disk space
RAM memory 32 GB 960
Dedicated processor Xeon classe E3-1241v3 (4 core) 4
Foundation Server total 1200
Guaranteed bandwidth
La rete di backhauling è da 10Gbps.Seeweb only charges for the outbound traffic besides the included bundle of 1000 GB with monthly renewal. The inbound traffic is completely free.
1 Gbps 0
Firewall and antispam
The antispam service is included in the firewall cost. Seeweb antispam services is only possible in case also a firewall service is active
Additional IP addresses
The service includes a single 1 IP. Additional IP addresses can be optioned in case of a real necessity.
Options Euro
Operating system license 0.00
IBM Spectrum Protect
Antivirus System
Plesk (control panel)
Total options 0.00

The cost of 100 SPU is of 10,00 €/month. The minimum bundle of additional SPU affordable is 100 and they are counted on a daily base.

Monthly Cost 0.00
Monthly Cost 0.00

Foundation Server Smart guarantees the highest performances in the single thread mode. It allows to access directly to the API of the calculation resources for specific applications. You can use it also for realizing your little Private Cloud infrastructures.