TrafficFlex IP bandwidth

The IP TrafficFlex model is a 95th percentile bandwidth metering and billing. It usually coincides with the port speed. This TrafficFlex model does not limit the bandwidth availability at any level and allows to face with sudden traffic peaks up to the port speed chosen by the customer (Port Bit Rate). This is an example of the billing model applied.

Service Main features Price
Port speed
This value is the maximum value of bandwidth usable and guaranteed. It coincides with speed of the port to which the user is connected and it is fully guaranteed up to all our peers and transits.
Requested bandwidth
This value reflects the requested bandwidth (Committed Bit Rate) and it is charged also if not used. If this bandwidth is exceeded for more than 95% of the month, the billing will follow the TrafficFlex model
Real traffic 95%
Monthly cost 0.00

The real traffic is calculated monthly only in case of a real excess.

Monthly cost (VAT excl.) 0.00

The billing is flat up to the value of requested bandwidth (Committed Bit Rate). In case this value is exceeded at 95th percentile, you only pay the real excess with a price per Mbps. If the traffic is constantly ongoing, it is more convenient to upgrade to a committed bit rate of 100 Mbps.

The Real Bit Rate is calculated with a specific algorithm. In a solar month, samples of instantaneous traffic are measured every 5 minutes. Of all the samples acquired, all those between the 95% and the 100% of the maximum sample (traffic peaks)are discarded. The major among the remaining samples establishes the Real Bit Rate value and this will be used for pricing the bandwidth consumed besides the Committed Bit Rate.

You can real time monitor all measures through a control panel allowing to follow the traffic trends, the previous month statistics and the current month projections.