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Seeweb IoT is your fully open source Internet of Things platform that protects you from any lockin trap. Seeweb IoT helps companies connect their objects in a easy, fully managed way. Scalable and secure, Seeweb IoT adapts to your technology without requiring the creation of specific softwares.

Setup Your Iot platform
Features Seeweb IoT Seeweb IoT+
Number of devices Fino a 500 COMING SOON
API call Infinite Infinite
File/Storage 10GB COMING SOON
Monthly Cost 89.00 € COMING SOON

All products are realized so to maximize quality and the price/performance balance.

Seeweb IoT is the first Italian solution for the Internet of Things. It is an integrated solution complete of scalable infrastructure, software and storage.
Its standard support level (Prestige Assurance) includes the total monitoring of the platform and offers:

  • • A first level of assistance provided by Seeweb
  • • A second level of assistance that steps up on the IoT software experts.

It can be integrated with a direct, h24 telephone assistance (Global Assurance).