Truemail soluzione di posta elettronica pratica e sicura


TrueMail is your complete, safe, user-friendly mail service. Developed by our experts, it is perfect when you read and send your emails via mobile, with the guarantee of high levels of security thanks to our powerful antispam system.

Accedi alla tua casella email da smartphone, da webmail o dal tuo client desktop senza doverti più preoccupare di ricevere posta indesiderata. Scegli il tuo pacchetto di email hosting professionale e indicaci il dominio cui associarlo.

Truemail Main features
Domain name (necessary)
TrueMail WhiteLabel
TrueMail WhiteLabel is your TrueMail dedicated instance at the cost of 40 €/month. Get started with TrueMail WhiteLabel and send us your brand’s logo. Choose the perfect TrueMail plans for your customers and take advantage of its practical monthly billing and an h24 available support system.

Monthly billing starting from the plan with 80GB. Contract duration 12 months.

Yearly Cost 0.00
Yearly Cost 0.00

TrueMail offers various plans easily scalable for every need. It offers a full support through the Help Desk website. The support level can be integrated with further levels of HelpDesk, also telephonic (Global Assurance).

From a technological point of view, TrueMail is based on Cloud platforms compliant with the CISPE Data Protection Code of Conduct. Our professional email solution was built using a design of process that commit us to protect data from profiling or activities not achieving GDPR compliance.

Show additional options
pack Price
Migration from external mail server 55.50 € /10 Mailboxes
Global Assurance support level 88.00 € /month

We offer an email hosting migration service and the replication of your e-mail configurations. It is possibile to associate TrueMail also to domains that are not managed by Seeweb and activate the maximum level of assistance (Global Assurance)

The WhiteLabel option allows you to resell email boxes through your brand and with the level of customization you need at the cost of 40 €/month. Start reselling your customized email service and offer your customers the high variety of the TrueMail plans!