Foundation Server Pro

A dedicated, powerful server with second and third generation Intel Xeon Silver processors and fourth generation Xeon Gold processors. High-performing, scale out Enterprise SAN storage, 10 Gbps of guaranteed bandwidth. This dedicated hosting allows you to share the storage across more nodes for high availability virtualized infrastructures.

Foundation Server Pro is based on a redundant, scalable SAN storage. It allows to realize highly flexible, HA Private Cloud infrastructures sharing the storage (SAN). Foundation Server Pro are completely stateless, for an effective and immediate protection against failures.

Foundation server Main features SPU
Base configuration
Management software licenses must be added for clustered configurations
Disk space
RAM memory
Dedicated processor
Foundation Server total 1200
Guaranteed bandwidth
La rete di backhauling è da 10Gbps.Seeweb only charges for the outbound traffic besides the included bundle of 1000 GB with monthly renewal. The inbound traffic is completely free.
Firewall and antispam
The antispam service is included in the firewall cost. Seeweb antispam services is only possible in case also a firewall service is active
Additional IP addresses
The service includes a single 1 IP. Additional IP addresses can be optioned in case of a real necessity.
Options Euro
Operating system license CentOS Linux 7.x 0.00
IBM Spectrum Protect
Antivirus System
Plesk (control panel)
Optional. Microsoft license needed
Read below for information about licensing and SQL Server -
Total options 0.00

The cost of 100 SPU is of 11.50 € /month. The minimum bundle of additional SPU affordable is 100 and they are counted on a daily base.

Monthly Cost 0.00
Monthly Cost 0.00

Microsoft SQL Server licenses on Foundation Server Pro

You can activate the number of SQL Server licenses you need on Foundation Server Pro.
They can be used for the Virtual Machines created in the infrastructure and their cost depends on the number of cores.

Here follows the price list. You can anyway contact our pre-sales support service for any clarification.

SQL License Type Monthly cost (2 Core)
Contact us for more info about multiple core prices
SQL Server Web 12.45 €
SQL Server Standard 221.46 €
SQL Server Enterprise 834.00 €

Create your private cloud with Foundation Server PRO

Together with Proxmox, VMware or other hypervisors, Foundation Server PRO can support you in creating private cloud infrastructures combining privacy and flexibility.

With our enterprise service, you can also create multi-cluster configurations and virtual machines without limits. Ideal for medium-large companies, this dedicated, powerful dedicated hosting can be virtualized trough Proxmox or VMware Cloud Foundation and be associated with different levels of management and support both for the host and for the customer's VMs.

Consult the FAQ section below and contact us calling the number +39.0775880041 for more information.

  • What are the main features of Foundation Server Pro?

    It is an “Hi-End” server built on HPE and Cisco servers with 2 Intel Xeon Silver or Gold processors, starting from 64GB and up to 1024G of ECC RAM, with double Network card and double Fiber Channel card for storage.

    At the level of the LAN and SAN infrastructure, the network connection speed is 10 Gbps, and this speed can be exploited for communication between servers of the same cluster.

  • What is the type of storage used?

    Foundation Server Pro starts from 250 GB of enterprise-class SAN with high availability and high throughput. The redundancy of the connection between Server and Disk, through SAN Fiber Channel, guarantees stability and allows the continuous maintenance of hardware, without interrupting the service.

    The Storage we provide with Foundation Server is a Storage Area Network (“Fibre Channel Native”): the ultimate in enterprise solutions.

  • What makes it different from the other dedicated servers?

    Foundation Server Pro allows you to connect multiple servers to the same disk system, with no additional costs. If in a standard dedicated server creating redundant infrastructures would require sharing the storage with high costs and complexities, FS pro makes instead possible to create active /passive infrastructures with hot-spare resources, without any additional costs.

    Foundation Server Pro, as a dedicated server, can be used for different applications (for example, for managing powerful Cloud Databases) and it is particularly suitable for Cloud Computing infrastructures.

    It creates, in a simple and economical way, VMware or Windows Server clusters, aimed at creating Private Cloud architectures.

  • How can it be managed?

    Fully manageable remotely, it also provides access to the server console through remote KVM. It is easy to use and, as in the case of Cloud Server, it allows you to increase the amount of disk quickly.

    Dedicated VLANs can be created across multiple Foundation Server Pro.

    If you also have Cloud Servers, it is also possible to connect them with a Foundation Server for creating a single network.

  • How does the billing works?

    FS Pro is a flexible Dedicated Server like a virtual one. No long-term contract - if you no longer need it after one month, it is canceled. In addition, some components, such as Storage space, or Network traffic (1TB / month included) are pay per use.