Cage colocation services support your growing environments with multiple cabinets. They are the ideal solution in case of specific privacy or security requirements.

Cage is a totally customizable solution, that we can build following the customer's requirements. Those companies that need particularly high security standards can in fact take advantage of portions of data rooms isolated from the rest of the data center environment. With Cage, you can use a fraction of our server farm and benefit of the maximum levels of confidentiality, thanks to the iron cage that limits the area and the space surrounding the machines. With our service built on your needs, you obtain the data center you imagine, but in our safe and highly redundant environment.

Cage is a service of data center that requires a presales interview. Book it via live chat: we will listen you and le tue esigenze e risolveremo tutti i tuoi dubbi!

Additional value services

Per il Cage, come per gli altri prodotti puoi definire un programma di accesso alle macchine o, in alternativa, ottenere un badge per l’accesso a qualunque orario in qualunque giorno.

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Main features Monthly cost
Main features Shared Firewall (max 34Mbps) 22.00 €
Dedicated VRRP Firewall 85.00 €
Backup services IBM Spectrum Protect Agent Backup (for every server) Based on the project type
data center Management KVM IP (1 vga + 1 keyb + 1 mouse) 40.00 €
Console server RS232 (for every server, linux/bsd/unix) 22.00 €
IP Power management (4 prese 10A managed via IP) 22.00 €
IP Power management (8 prese 10A managed via IP) 40.00 €

All products are realized so to maximize quality and the price/performance balance.
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