In our Data Center, the Cage represents a fully customized colocation solution designed to meet your needs of high security requirements.

The term “cage” refers to a large data center area that offers a private and isolated room from the rest of the environment, to ensure maximum confidentiality and a more extensive infrastructure for the client. This area is surrounded by a metal barrier, which physically delimits the space and guarantees a higher level of privacy for your servers and equipment. In Italy, this data center solution is particularly sought after for being highly suitable for companies with high data security standards.

Our data center Cage allows you to house your IT infrastructures obtaining private access to the racks and customizing the private space size. Currently, this solution is available exclusively at the Milan Caldera Data Center.

The Cage is ideal if you need a dedicated space for your company. In addition to the custom options, we offer qualified personnel, advanced security systems, and robust anti-DDoS systems to ensure maximum protection and operability. Our solution is perfect for companies that want to benefit from a secure and redundant data center, without having to invest in building their own internal CED.

To design the most suitable private Cage, book an appointment via live chat and share with us your project requirements.

Value-added services

For the Cage, as for other data center services, you can define a server room access program or request a badge for accessing the Data Center at any time on any day.

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Main features Monthly cost
Main features Shared Firewall (max 34Mbps) 23.50 €
Dedicated VRRP Firewall 91.50 €
Backup services IBM Spectrum Protect Agent Backup (for every server) Based on the project type
data center Management KVM IP (1 vga + 1 keyb + 1 mouse) 43.00 €
Console server RS232 (for every server, linux/bsd/unix) 23.50 €
IP Power management (4 sockets 10A managed via IP) 23.50 €
IP Power management (8 sockets 10A managed via IP) 43.00 €

All products are realized so to maximize quality and the price/performance balance.
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